Attracting your Buyer

When it comes to selling your property, presentation is key to attracting prospective buyers. There are several, easy and low cost tips that can often make a big difference when getting your property ready for the market.

Repairs and maintenance –

Major works are often not needed and can be an expensive way of presenting your house, for example spending £1000s on a new kitchen when a general spruce up may be all that’s needed with some new modern handles and dated tiling been replaced. Make sure that you speak to Bentleys Estate Agents for an Marketing Appraisal to advise on cost effective ways of maximising the price you sell for.

Several maintenance tips when selling your property include:

  • Make sure all jobs have been finished off, part decorated rooms can often give the impression to potential buyers that full redecoration is needed.
  • First impressions count. Make sure the front garden is tidy and fencing is painted or stained.
  • Check all the gutters for leaks, if it is raining when prospective buyers are viewing you don’t want them thinking new gutters are needed.
  • Keep all external paintwork in good order, again first impressions count.
  • If your kitchen is stating too look tired why not replace the handles with shiny modern ones or give them a lick of paint. This is a very cost effective way of giving the kitchen a modern look.

Look and feel-

As potential purchasers are viewing your home they will be building images of where their furniture and personal items will go and how it will all look. Try to keep rooms clutter free and airy this will give rooms a larger feel and allow potential purchasers to imagine their items in your home. Use plug in air fresheners on a low setting, this will get rid of unwanted smells yet not be too overpowering. If you have pets try and keep them out of the way, let a friend or neighbour take the dog for a walk and let the cats out.

Other Tips :

  • Light and natural paint – this will give a bright and airy feel.
  • Declutter the property as much as possible. We all know children end up with multitudes of toys, plastic boxes are great for an easy clear up and can be stored in wardrobes or under stair storage if necessary.
  • Flowers are always a great look to add not only colour but a nice fresh smell.
  • If you have a dated coloured bathroom suite consider a change to a new white one. These can be picked up cheaply at local hardware shops and consider tile paint for those out of date tiles.
  • Avoid cooking before any viewings commence if possible strong food smells can put people off. Again a bunch of flowers and fresh fruit in the kitchen can help to combat these.
  • Don’t shower or bathe before a viewing it leaves the bathroom wet and can give the feel of a lack of ventilation that may lead to condensation or damp problems.

If you would like any further advice please do not hesitate to contact Bentleys Estate Agents for a free Marketing Appraisal